Genuine smooth leather bag created to enhance your look with a touch of refined elegance. Designed to add a pinch of glamor to your outfit, it is the ideal accessory to wear on a special occasion or to an event to remember. Elegance does not exclude versatility: the adjustable leather shoulder strap offers a double wearability alternative, in addition to the rigid handle, which allows for easy carrying by hand. The lines and finishes are clean and refined, it is also equipped with a snap closure to keep your personal belongings safe.

ISKIA bags are characterized by 3 factors of Made in Italy: STYLE – QUALITY – SUSTAINABILITY. STYLE: Cleanliness, order and refined colours. Our style, with simple and elegant shapes, is able to stand out and make people stand out. The characterization of all the products is a tribute to the charm of Italy, timeless and enviable throughout the world. The product range covers all needs: clutch bags, handbags, shoulder bags and shoulder bags. QUALITY: Lasting over time. Our goal is to create a product that is of high quality and always ready for use despite the passing of the years. SUSTAINABILITY: Sustainability is a concept that cannot ignore the quality of the product. All the materials used in the production processes are aimed at minimizing waste, contributing to the evolution of more sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion.