The Tote bag is the essential accessory for every day of the week. The structured design gives it an unmistakable and timeless charm, while the roomy interior is ideal for everyday objects. The adjustable handles make it perfect for being worn comfortably on the shoulder.

ISKIA bags are characterized by 3 Made in Italy factors: STYLE - QUALITY - SUSTAINABILITY

STYLE: Cleanliness, order, refined details and colours. Our style, with simple and elegant shapes, is able to stand out and make people stand out. The characterization of all the products is a tribute to the charm of Italy, timeless and enviable all over the world. The product range covers all needs: clutches, handbags, shoulder bags and shoulder bags. QUALITY: Last over time. Our goal is to create a product that is qualitatively high and always ready for use despite the passing of the years. SUSTAINABILITY: Sustainability is a concept that cannot be separated from the quality of the product. All the materials used in the production processes are aimed at minimizing waste, contributing to the evolution of a more sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion.